Exhausted housewifeWe have all done it, looked down at our tile floor and noticed the grout lines do not look as luxurious as they did when they were new. So we dig under the sink and look for the the cleaning supplies. You don’t have to waste the weekend on your hands and knees with a brush. Save the wear and tear and your knees, back, and body by calling us for your tile & grout cleaning needs. Let us show you what our contained tile cleaning system can do. Simply amazing!!


We use a self contained pressure washing system to clean your tile and grout floors. What does this mean for you ? You receive the benefits of a pressure washer to blast away dirt from your tile and grout – without the mess. Our cleaning machine produces water that reaches 200+°. This hot water helps to remove stubborn dirt and helps to sanitize the floor just like we do with our carpet cleaning service. There is virtually no over-spray to worry about; the vacuum hose draws away the hot water immediately – along with the dirt, and we dispose of this in accordance with EPA regulations. We can restore your tile and grout floor to approximately 80-90% of its original luster. Some stains such as: koolaid, hair dye, and red wine actually stain the grout. However, hot water, pressure and detergents remove most soiling and staining.


Just like carpet or upholstery cleaning you have the option to seal or protect your tile and grout floor. Sealing your grout after cleaning will help to keep the grout looking great, for longer. There are many sealers that you can buy from the store, but we recommend you do not use them. The can leave sticky residues that may get on the tile face and they are difficult if not impossible to remove. When we apply our sealer we ensure  the product is distributed evenly for maximum efficiency and protection.


Q: Why does my tile and grout get dirty quickly after I clean it myself? A: The culprit is most likely residue. Many of the store bought cleaners will leave a residue on your tile floor, this residue attracts oils and dirt quickly, causing the floor to get dirtier quicker. The next time you go to clean the floor you have to scrub harder, or mix the product at a strong dilution and this compounds the problem. If you are scrubbing your floor by hand you may actually be removing extremely thin layers of the grout and the grout mixes with the cleaning solution also compounding the problem as well.

Q: Should I apply wax to my tile floor? A: We highly recommend you DO NOT apply wax to your floor. When the wax breaks down it can flake, and discolor your tile and grout, and can/will also impact the oils and soils that develop over time. Removing the wax from the floor is an expensive process, and usually a multiple day process depending on how big of an area.

Q: After the tile and grout is sealed, does it need to be cleaned again ? A: Yes, absolutely! We will provide you with tips on how to keep your floor looking beautiful in between professional cleanings. We will also help and advise you to determine your frequency of having your tile and grout professionally cleaned.