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Residential Carpet Cleaning & Protection

Residential carpet cleaning is accomplished using Hot Water Extraction from our truck-mounted Butler System. A customer will often refer to this method as “steam cleaning”. The van powered system provides 200° water and humongous suction to retrieve that hot water. The Clean Machine has all the tools to handle various challenges. We truly believe that “all cleaning is a matter of degree” and reach for the deepest professional cleaning every time. You’ll notice the heavy use of commercial vacuum cleaners, rotary extractors, CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) machines, and Zipper and Devastator wands. You will also notice the care we take to protect your home with corner guards, neoprene floor runners, shoe covers where necessary, and the "Seal A Door” that has been a hit with repeat customers for years. It’s the grooviest contraption that keeps your home tight while they run their hoses through the door and it keeps the temperature steady whether it’s winter or summer. The Clean Machine takes residential carpet cleaning to another level!


Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Protection

The carpet at the office or at church can often present unique challenges. There are more instances of spilled coffee and other drinks and a higher level of traffic than what you would typically find in a home. The Clean Machine is fully equipped to handle everything from a small office to a sprawling corporate headquarters. It’s important to regularly retrieve the gritty and abrasive contamination from a commercial space to keep your place of business looking sharp and stretch out the life of the carpet. There are also real health benefits to having your carpets cleaned regularly.

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Tile & Grout Cleaning


Tile represents one of the most resilient surfaces a home or business can install. The tile itself is often pretty easy to keep clean, but the contamination seems to be pushed repeatedly into the grout lines. The Clean Machine introduces a pretreatment to loosen up the soil that’s resting in the grout lines. It’s then scrubbed with a CRB (Counter Rotating Brush) machine or a pole scrubber before being rinsed with our high pressure Turbo Spinner. This “spinner” essentially power-washes the grout lines in a way that is contained. The tile and grout are usually ready for traffic within minutes after a cleaning. Grout is somewhat porous, so we often recommends sealing the grout after a cleaning. The sealer is effective for about 1 year at keeping solid and liquid soil out of the grout lines.

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Upholstery Cleaning

& Protection

Different fibers require different care. Upholstery cleaning is often separated by natural or synthetic construction. Natural fibers are normally cleaned using a specialized fabric shampoo. Synthetic fibers, like microfiber, can be cleaned using our Butler System to flush copious amounts of scalding hot water through the fiber. The Clean Machine has the experience to identify a fabric and deliver the proper care.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

The Clean Machine is equipped to rinse the “gunk” that seems to build up in the grain and joints of your hardwood floor. Our process is a true deep cleaning and is not meant to be confused with a refinishing, which would sand it down and start over. The Clean Machine tries to use as little moisture possible, often relying on their Lindhaus machine. More challenging instances sometimes call for the use of their truck powered Butler System.

Area Rug Cleaning.jpg

Area Rug Cleaning

& Protection

The Clean Machine can process your area rug in your own home or at our clean and spacious shop on Main Street in Slater. Extreme care needs to be used when working on a hardwood floor so sometimes a trip to Slater or a scheduled pick up is the way to go when it comes to caring for your favorite area rug. We build the Maxim Protector into their area rug cleaning prices to keep the rug looking and performing well.

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VCT Stripping & Waxing

Vinyl Composite Tile (VCT) is often found in retail settings, schools, hospitals, and anywhere else that a very high shine and ease of maintenance are priorities. Leave it to The Clean Machine to strip off what’s left of that old floor finish and restore the tired looking VCT to a brilliant, wet looking shine. 

LTV Floor Cleaning.jpg

LVP/LVT Cleaning

& Protection

Luxury vinyl has taken over the residential hard surface market in the last 5 years. It's incredibly resilient and doesn't have some of the problems with moisture that sometimes happened with laminate. Luxury vinyl comes in all kinds of styles and textures. Often the beauty and challenge is found in this texture. The pits and ridges present opportunities for soil to settle in and the LVT/LVP can lose its charm if the deep down soil isn't recovered occasionally and thoroughly. The Clean Machine applies a HOT pretreatment to loosen the soil, then they scrub the floor mechanically (if necessary) before retrieving it with the scalding hot water and monstrous suction created by their van powered Butler System. Luxury vinyl responds beautifully to a deep cleaning by The Clean Machine.