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Let's Talk Vaccumes

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Let’s talk about vacuums! It seems to be a favorite topic of the diligent homeowner. People ask us all the time “What is the best vacuum?”. The answer is very subjective. The vacuum we carry on our truck is an Oreck XL or a Royal for larger commercial spaces. We prefer a bagged commercial vacuum due to the rigors of daily use. Dyson and Shark seem to have the lions share of the residential vacuum market in America. Both are great vacuums as long as you understand a little bit about their construction and operation. These bagless vacuums ALL have internal filters. There’s usually a spongy one that needs to be kept clean for the vacuum to continue working it’s best. You want to move as much air through the vacuum as possible. This only happens when the internal filter(s) are kept clean. We have the very best Golden Retriever in the world but her hair and dander really clog the filters fast. Those filters need to be cleaned every few times we use the vacuum because they clog fairly quickly. This is why we prefer a bagged vacuum on the truck. A brand new bag restores the vacuums cleaning ability as long as the brush roll is kept clean and free of hair or other debris.

So should you buy a bagged or bagless vacuum? That’s really a better question. Do you value the ability to have attachments and onboard tools? You will probably prefer a bagless vacuum. If you are open to the idea of having 2 vacuums, then bagged vacuums might serve you better. One canister vacuum with attachments and another vacuum for the carpet. Keep in mind that a good vacuum with a HEPA filter will actually clean the air and carpet at the same time. Regular vacuuming is one of the healthiest habits we should all employ in our homes.

Whatever you decide you should do it often. Really often even. Some carpet manufacturers recommend that you should vacuum once for every person or pet that lives in your home, every week. That means daily vacuuming in some homes. That may seem like excessive care but that dry soil is abrasive and wears your carpet out faster as it gets lived on.

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